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Goalie Training


At CJR, we believe in continuous improvement. We are evolving our means of development for modern goaltenders by listening to our families' needs and desires as well as incorporating strategies implemented at the highest levels of hockey globally.  We are excited to announce a custom approach  Goaltending Program that is exclusive to CJR.

With this comprehensive and personalized approach, your goaltender will receive 8 different goaltender specific engagements a month and develop a positive and productive relationship with their goalie coach.


Goaltenders are going to receive coaching via 3 exciting avenues:


- On Ice and In Practice Coaching

Each team will receive a consistent Pro Crease Goaltending Coach each week. We are adjusting our practice structure to allocate more individual time and space on the ice for specific goaltending coaching.

- Game Video Analysis

Twice a month (September - February), goaltenders will share game videos with their personal Pro Crease Goaltending Coach. The Coach will review and analyze the video before sending back a customized and comprehensive breakdown. The video analysis will highlight specific points to drive each goalies' development throughout the season. (See sample video above)

- Bi-Weekly Webinars

Every other week Pro Crease Goaltending will go "live" with a webinar on a relevant topic that will apply to all ages and work to develop long term skills. These webinars will be available for download to watch at your convenience. The topics will be diverse and fluid. For example, heading into playoff hockey, there may be a webinar on shootouts or mental toughness. Providing perspective and context on how NCAA or professional goaltenders handle the puck, prepare for games or avoid injury are other examples.  


This extremely personalized approach to the development of each kid has made CJR an incredible place to be for goaltenders. Kids will learn about themselves as athletes, competitors, and goaltenders. It’s exciting to know that each goaltender will have the opportunity to build a personal relationship with their coach throughout the season. The thoroughness of this approach is unique and exclusive to CJR. This is a significant differentiator from any other program in the area.”

                                Jared Waimon    

                                Pro Crease Owner

                                USA NTDP Scout


Here at CJR, we understand there is a lot more to developing great goaltenders than on-ice coaching, and with these enhancements to our program, we are investing in developing the goaltenders of the future.